EAC - The world-class company

- an educational series told by Anette Eggert Frydenberg and Ebbe Kyrø 
"EAC - The world-class company" is a documentary series in six parts, which is supplemented by text material including student assignments and a bibliography. The first five episodes are about five phases in EAC's corporate history, while the sixth part provides information on the organization and corporate culture of EAC. 
The East Asiatic Company's history is a central chapter in Danish business history. We focus on one of Denmark's most visionary entrepreneurs, H.N. Andersen and how he executed his plan for a worldwide company. We draw the broad lines and follow how EAC navigated through economic ups and downs, during crisis and war, and how the company was adjusted to these changing conditions. EAC was for many years Denmark's largest business enterprise and in the early 1970s managed to become Scandinavia's largest - a conglomerate of shipping companies, subsidiaries, agencies and industrial partnerships. 
EAC had long been the leader in relatively innovative ship types such as diesel ships and container ships. But in the wake of the oil crises of the 1970s, the trend turned from expansion to decline. The company had spread over too many business areas and invested far too much for borrowed money. In 1992, the debt trap collapsed on the EAC. Paradoxically, Denmark's most international company found it difficult to cope when globalization really took hold. After a series of fatally bad investments, EAC started selling of some of its subsidiaries in 2005 and was ultimately wound up. 
Although EAC no longer exists as an independent company, the Company has left a lasting mark on Danish corporate history. Partly as a founder of a number of companies that still exist and partly as an incubator for large Danish companies' marketing all over the world. 
The combined material is a free teaching offer for students in upper secondary school (Stx, Hhx, Htx, HF) and students at Martec (maritime student). The material can be included in the teaching at Simac (maritime academy education) and at CBS (business and maritime history). 
"EAC - The world-class company" is also aimed more broadly at Danes with an interest in business and maritime history as well as the ØK Foundation's international relations.  

Produced with support from A/S Dampskibsselskabet Orient's Fond and the EAC Foundation.

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